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General Psychology Study Guide
Exam # 1, Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4

|1. |At which university was the very first psychology research laboratory established? |

|2. |Psychology is formally defined as: |

|3. |Which of the following was the first “school” of thought or approach in psychology? |

|4. |Who was the first person to be awarded a Ph.D. in psychology in the United States? |

|5. |Your therapist is very interested in your dreams, blocked memories, and slips of the tongue. On which approach to psychology is | | |your therapist probably basing his psychotherapy? |

|6. |The founder of behaviorism was: |

|7. |Which of the following approaches dominated American psychology for the first half of the twentieth century? |

|8. |The cognitive perspective of psychology focuses on: |

|9. |The evolutionary perspective in psychology: |

|10. |In cross-cultural psychology, the term culture refers to: |

|11. |Cognitive psychology focuses on the study of: |

|12. |Empirical evidence refers to evidence that is the result of: |

|13. |A researcher sets out to test the following statement: “Adolescents are more likely to start smoking if one or both of their | | |parents smoke.” This statement is an example of: |

|14. |In contrast to the experimental method, the basic goal of the descriptive methods is to: |

|15. |The word replicate refers to: | |16. |A pseudoscience is a: | |17. |The practice of applying magnets to the body to supposedly treat various conditions and ailments is called: | |18. |In survey research, the term sample refers to a(n): |

|19. |A correlational study: |

|20. |A correlation coefficient is: |

|21. |In an experiment, the dependent variable is: |

|22. |The experimental group is the group of: |

|23. |Random assignment refers to a procedure that: |

|24. |Ethical standards for animal research in psychology: |

|25. |Under the American Psychological Association's ethical code for psychologists, psychological researchers: |

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