P5 Unit 4

Topics: Nervous system, Nerve, Heart Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: June 27, 2013
P5 – Physical and psychological theories of ageing
Physical changes
Hormones and Menopause: When it comes to hormones and menopause Alicia may have had a decrease in the hormone oestrogen which is known to be connected with the osteoporosis. This would have caused Alicia to be at some kind of risk of osteoporosis than others if she had genetically inherited it. However, to prevent osteoporosis Alicia could had exercise sessions or any different type of fitness which would have helped her strengthen her bones and muscles. Cardiovascular System: The cardiovascular system is very important to our body as it pumps blood around. As Alicia started to get older she would have started to develop negative changes in her arteries and other blood vessels which could probably been caused by cholesterol, this is known as a fat that lies in the walls of the blood vessels. Moreover, this could lead to Alicia being affected by atherosclerosis. The term ‘athero’ is known to mean fatty deposits and ‘sclerosis’ is known to mean the hardening of the arteries. The different effect that Alicia could experience from having atherosclerosis is high blood pressure, this could have put Alicia at a high risk of stroke or heart attack, this occurs by blood blockage by to the brain. All this could affect Alicia’s career as she would not be able to perform as many shows, concerts etc. as she wishes because she would often be having medical treatment. Respiration System: Alicia experiencing blood not being pumped round her body could affect her career as a singer, because it would lead her to breathlessness. Moreover, as Alicia gets older she would start experiencing a reduction in the strength of her chest muscles and the lungs become weak. Alicia could also develop a chronic disease, such as bronchitis. Bronchitis is known to be a sort of inflammation of the airways which is connected to the windpipe to the lungs. Alicia could also experience a few common disorders from the respiratory...
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