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Topics: Black Death, England, Hundred Years' War Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Ruchi Bhatia
4th period
8th October 2012

* (mostly) male oriented, brother abandoning brother during illness, during the post-plague years people aspired to be better and blamed the Jews (scapegoats). * During the Hundred Years’ War England vs. France, Henry IV married daughter of France king: ensured that all their heirs would receive French throne, Joan of Arc (courageous peasant girl and co-commander of French army) inspired attacks on the English. * During the Aftermath, social order becomes disrupted, wealthy lords and urban residents met up for representative assemblies, the French (party poopers) didn’t have a representative assembly claiming it was expensive and inconvenient; instead, they had provincial assemblies., in both England and France the war promoted nationalism. Great council 3 objectives was to end schism, reform church, and wipe out heresy, people slowly shied away from the clergy and they formed confraternities. (14th- 15th century), revolution of poor against rich—Jacquerie. * Women married at late age for self sufficiency and were ought to keep their husbands love as much as they can, (later term) prostitution. People of different ethnic backgrounds lived side by side. Political- monarchy, aristocracy, The church

* During the Black Death, people gave donations because they thought the plague was God’s punishment. * The hundred year war- war to the succession to French throne, the English was convinced that the war was waged to secure King Edward the crown, royal propaganda- led to nationalism (Both sides), stimulated the development of English Parliament, representative assemblies flourished, by signing the law Edward III acknowledged that the king of England couldn’t tax without Parliament’s consent, nationalism, conciliarists, hierarchy. Religion-

* During the Black Death, Allegorical Figures passed judgment, thought of it was God’s punishment so...
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