Osotspa: Business Analysis

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1. Executive Summary ------------------------------------------------------------------------- P’Poo 2. Company Background ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nuttida 3. Opportunities Identification

• Company Analysis --------------------------------------------------------------------- Nuttida o Underutilization
o New Resource
• Consumer Analysis -------------------------------------------------------------------- P’Poo o External Mandate
• Competitor Analysis ------------------------------------------------------------------ P’Vor 4. Concept Generation
• Concept Statement -------------------------------------------------------------------- Nuttida • Model Determinant Gap Map ------------------------------------------------------- Nuttida • Scenario Analysis ถ้ารายงานหน้าไม่ครบจะกลับมาดูอีกครั้งหนึ่ง 5. Concept Evaluation

• Concept Testing ----------------------------------------------------------------------Nut-Male • The A-T-A-R Model ------------------------------------------------------------------Vor&Tee • Sale Forecasting -----------------------------------------------------------------------P’Vor • Cumulative Expenditure Curve ------------------------------------------------------Nut Male • Potholes ----------------------------------------------------------------------Beer 6. Product protocol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- P’Tee • Target Market ------------------------------------------------------------------------- P’Tee • Product Positioning -------------------------------------------------------------------P’Tee • Product Attribute --------------------------------------------------------------------- Nut male 7. Conclusion

• Decision and Recommendation
8. Appendix

Executive Summary

Company Background

Osotspa Company Limited was established in 1900, by the Pae’s, under the brand name of “Kilane”, providing pharmaceutical products. As years went by, many product ranges have been introduced in Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food, and Consumer product categories in brands of M-150, M-Sport, SHARK Energy, Ole Candy, Botan Candy, Hang, etc. These created a massive opportunity for their company to gain new markets. With a high-quality in production as well as specialty in pharmaceutical products and marketing in consumer product field; as a result, Osotspa has become well accepted by foreigners and been a well-known brand throughout Thailand. Moreover, with a health-conscious trend, Osotspa continue to capitalize on the concept of being healthy, and they are now confidently trying to launch B-Bright Brain Booster, a new medical supplement which can rejuvenate human brains with a pleasant taste.

Opportunities Identification

Company Analysis
Osotspa has focused on providing innovative, pharmaceutical, consumer products to the market. This makes the company be well accepted and become a brand in consumer’s mind. Then, Osotspa realized that food and beverage product lines are becoming to a main growth of business. From the company’s resource, the diverse operations are fully integrated both pharmaceutical and food products, giving greater competitive advantage than other companies are. We are flexible to compete effectively by cost position, in terms of production and marketing. The integration also facilitates the introduction of differentiated products and services, allowing Osotspa to continually innovate. In using people’s trust of the pharmaceutical brand “Osotspa” and customer experiences in product benefits, Osotspa has an advantage for launching new product which can strengthen Osotspa’s positioning as an Acetyle L-Canitene Supplement with a delicious taste as well as a supplemental vitamin that provides health benefits and prevents them from brain treatment. From the...
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