Organic vs. non organic

Topics: Nutrition, Sustainable agriculture, Food Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: November 1, 2013
 Organic vs. non organic There is a vast majority of food in our world today, when we consume this food we must stop to think about what exactly it is made of. In today’s society we are always looking for the best healthy foods that are available to us. We want good, nutritious, healthy foods so that we can live a long and healthy life. We live in a world where we have fast, cheap and processed foods all around us. Have you ever considered going a different route? Organic is a different way to eat, a way that could change the way you live your life. While all types of foods are beneficial to the body, organic and non organic foods differ in the way that they are farmed, grown, and packaged. This information can hopefully give you an insight to a better way of life. America is slowly becoming a nation of a population of obese sick people. What we are eating everyday affects our health. Foods are full of preservatives and unhealthy that people eat more junk than food. Did you know that foods are packed with preservatives, sugars and fats that make people addicted to the foods? We are always seeking the quickest cheapest foods even though they are not healthy for us just to save some time. People become overweight do so because of poor eating habits not knowing that there are consequences in doing so. There are diseases that come along with making these poor eating choices. Some of the diseases related to overweight are heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes; breathing problems and trouble sleeping. Some people seem that we are stuck eating foods that make us overweight and obese. There are however ways to eat healthier. There are foods that are all natural, they are called organic foods. Organic foods are farmed in natural ways than non organic foods. Non organic food has to be grown very quickly to meet the consumer demand and there for is grown with chemicals that make it grow faster. Non organic farmers are allowed...
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