Organic vs Non-Organic

Topics: Pesticide, Organic food, Nutrition Pages: 3 (1375 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Organic Versus Non-Organic: Should You Believe the Hype

Organic Versus Non-Organic: Should You Believe the Hype
What should I eat? That is the question on millions of American minds in the recent years. For years we have fallen for hype, forgoing one food type in favor of another, only to hear months or years later we're doing it all wrong. More recently, the nation's attention has turned to organic foods in our quest to eat healthy, get slim and live a long and active life. Pesticides, websites and newspapers warn, are leading to an unhealthy America. The use of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, otherwise known as DDT, is brought up time and time again. Prior to 1973, the use of DDT was widespread and our main weapon against the war on pests. We now know the use of DDT led to massive effects on wildlife and humans ("DDT- a Brief History," 2012). Who’s to say one of the many other pesticides and insecticides we spray today won’t take a similar turn down the road, articles ask? While it’s true any pesticide we use in traditional farming can lead to health problems in humans if consistently exposed, safeguards are put in place and testing is standardized by the United States government to prevent illness and death from the foods we eat. The same cannot be said about organic produce and meat. Organic foods do not have to withstand the same amount of rigorous testing as non-organic and what testing does take place is not even standardized (Tenser, 2013). This can lead to an increased threat of health problems for those who thought they were making the healthier choice. Studies have shown there is no real significant advantage, health wise, in choosing organic over non-organic and that label, and the higher price that accompanies, might not actually be worth it. Proponents of organic foods say they are free from pesticides and hormones used by companies to produce larger animals faster, thus leading to increased profits. Several of the pesticides used today...

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