Organic Food vs. Non-Organic

Topics: Organic food, Pesticide, Nutrition Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Organic VS. Non-organic Food, Good or Bad?
Unfortunately, most organic food is disappearing, because people are not taking the time to buy it. People are buying non-organic because the food is cheaper, easier to find, and full of nutrition. But why is organic food disappearing when it has more nutrition, better tasting, and ecosystem diversity. What are people really doing? People now at days choose to buy non-organic food because it’s cheaper, easier to find, and full of nutrition. When coming in to a store the first thing you can see is the low prizing of the products. This is one reason people choose to buy non-organic products. When going into the organic section of foods and seeing that is twice the prize as non-organic people automatically chooses non-organic food. Milk certified as hormone and antibiotic-free costs 6 dollars per gallon, while grocery milk only costs 3.50 per gallon. When coming into a super market most of the things that you see are non-organic products. This is another reason why people choose non-organic products, because it is easier to find. People now at days are really busy and doesn’t have many time to be shopping, and makes non-organic products easy to find and less time wasters. People chooses to buy non-organic products because they are easy to find, but they don’t know that it could only take two minutes looking for organic products. People chooses to buy non-organic products because they are full of nutrition. This is another reason why people chooses to buy non-organic products. Non-organic products have been industrialized and enhanced with vitamins, which many of organic products are missing. Organic products are naturally grown and are healthy to the body. Because non-organic products have been industrialized the quality of the soil is secondary, while the soil of organic products is pure. This is why food that has been grown organically tastes better than industrialized products. People chooses non-organic products...
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