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Marketing Objectives:

To have all of Ullens Organic Farm’s land in NARC, MAD-Nepal, and OCIA recognized organic production in three years.

To have pre-determined organic buyers for greater than 70% of our average production before harvest of the beginning of third year.

Ullens Organic Farm will be growing and marketing organic vegetables, fruits, and as well rearing animals and birds for fresh and hygienic meat that will be governed by the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) with full support from The Ministry of Agriculture Development, and Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). Grown products will be marketed and sold directly into the daily fresh vegetable markets. For the grains, we will marketed and sold via on-farm storage facility The first three years of production will be sold with conventional prices because it takes three years to convert to organic farming. It is a production system which favors maximum use of organic materials (crop residue, animal residue, legumes, on and off farm wastages, growth regulators, bio-pesticides) and discourages use of synthetically produced agro-inputs, for maintaining soil productivity and fertility and pest management under conditions of sustainable natural resources and healthy environment. After three years of operating, evaluating and examining the soil health, our farm will become certified organic production. The marketing plan for Ullens Organic Farm has two different sections starting with the market analysis and then the marketing strategy.

The market analysis is broken into three segments:
Target Market
The marketing strategy is then composed of :
Marketing Mix
SWOT Analysis and Five Force Analysis
The Market:
The world market of organic foods is flourishing with the majority of the buying and producing coming from Europe, Japan and the USA. The US market is worth over $20 billion annually and with the increasing health and environmental concerns the market is growing (OCIA, 2001). The world market is being supported by government policies through aggressive promotions of organic products. Status of Organic Farming in Nepal

Organic agriculture is still early stage in Nepal.
Importance of organic agriculture is being realized by farmers, policy makers, intellectuals, and sensitive citizens.
Organic agriculture is synonymously used with regenerative, sustainable, ecological natural agriculture, permaculture etc. in field level.
The common concern is to promote local resource bases in agriculture practice to increase bases in agriculture practice to increase production potential of soil, crops, plant and animals.
The government sector is becoming positive towards organic agriculture. There are some professional NGOs and individuals committed to the promotion of organic agriculture in small pocket areas.
Low growth due to limited resources and capabilities.
About 26%of Nepalese farming systems is still not using the pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their farm.


Competition within Ullens Organic Farm is growing and at first glance, the increased local competition may seem detrimental to the our industry. Our resources and capability will play a dominating role in this industry. As a result even though there will be few other organic producers in the market we still can be a major player in the marketplace. Competition is, however, quite minimal in Nepal because of the infancy of the industry. Nepal is a country having many burning problems for the agriculture production. Soil erosion, mountain desertification, environmental degradation, declining of soil fertility and

crop productivity, depletion of natural resources, increased compulsion of using dung as a

fuel in rural areas etc. are the major problems. The need of the country is to be self sufficient

for food, shelter and clothes. It is only possible, if efforts from all sides go jointly...
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