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Topics: Organic farming, Organic food, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: February 17, 2015
What is Fair Trade
Fair Trade Coffee is designed to benefit
coffee farmers and the environment. In many
coffee-producing countries, small coffee
farmers receive such low prices for their
coffee that they cannot even cover the cost
production and support their families. In fact,
coffee prices have recently fallen to an
all-time low, causing extreme hardships for
many Latin American farmers.10


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Fair Trade coffee farms, certified by TransFair
USA, are required to ensure that the coffee
was grown using sustainable methods (such
as organic farming) and that farmers receive
a fair price for their coffee beans. Fair Trade
coffee farming ensures that families benefit
from improvements in education, housing,
and healthcare. Currently, organic Fair Trade
coffee and espresso can be purchased at
Café Vivian in the Frist Campus Center. Be
sure to ask for organic Fair Trade coffee by
name. Dining Services is considering
making organic Fair Trade coffee available
in other locations based on the popularity of
the organic Fair Trade coffee sold in Café

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