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1.0 Executive Summary

Elysian Fields is a new start-up venture that provides organic vegetables and fruit with online service and we will send it to your house by week. We committed to solve environmental issue like agriculture chemical pollute and create convenience and healthy lifestyle to our customer. The business will be focus on organic vegetables and fruit planting and sell it with marketing strategy.

Our target market is household and restaurant that want provide healthy food but have difficulties by buying fresh vegetables and fruit. Our business has potential for consistent growth by statistics and research done by professional. Our business will be focuses on capital city Kuala Lumpur in beginning stage. Our goal is improve farmers life by corporate with them and provide a better world to our next generation

1.1 Mission Statement
Our vision is to improve the environment on our community and promote better healthy lifestyle for family 1.2 Product & Service
Our main business is to provide organic vegetables and fruit to customer. Customer able to access online easily to purchase our product and we will deliver to their house. We will partnership with UPM agriculture student for research purpose and certified our product with authority organization. We also use advanced technology like QR code and mobile code because customer able to find our product by advertisement easily include do payments immediately and easily. Our customer able to subscribe our farm and we will deliver our product to them with weekly basis. 1.3 The company

Current president Yong Hong has a team that reliable who experienced in e-commerce, agricultures sector and sales & marketing sector over 30 years to assist him. Elysian Fields decides to find talent from university to expand the company. The decision for business has been made upon agreement of all partnership. 1.4 Market analysis

Organic vegetables and fruit is old way for planting agriculture but people abandon it due to revolution and war in country. On this peaceful century, more people are cleaver and concern about environmental issue and our health because agriculture chemical causes land pollution and it is poisonous compare to insect. The reason we use agriculture for past time is because to increase the production of food and people want cheap food. We also believe that online shopping platform will bigger and larger in future. According the research we found that internet users are increasing rapidly from day to day. This is because internet is convenient for people who busy to purchase their daily needs. I believe most people don’t have time to shopping but they hope to eat fresh vegetables and fruit everydays. Therefore we also introduce e-commerce plan and delivery service to them. We have optimism on our future plan because the main reason is food crisis. Food crisis will cause the food inflation and this is because farmer population in the world is dying. At future society people will more concern about environmental and their health to live longer. 1.5 Strategy and web plan

We identify our company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to ensure the success of strategy plan. Our pricing strategy will be depending on the market value. Moreover we also will do promotion and advertising by participate charity, advertisement on social media. We also will implement delivery service to our customer because nowadays people are getting more and busier to earn more money. We will corporate with student who studied agriculture and research to find better way to provide healthy and efficient environment for our product. We also will get certified by authority organization to make sure our product is good. We also planned to making website that is friendly-user, convenient and simple to serve our customer. Our web plan is also able to provide knowledge about our product to our...
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