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Cover Story : Introductions to Operations Management
Looking Back : Origin of PERT
Techniques used in the Industry : 3D Printing
Tell us your Story-Industry Visit- Taj Visit, Volkswagen Visit Success Story : StarAgri

Faculty Message
Professor Umesh Bahadur

Learning if not shared remains in one’s pocket as experience. Learning if shared becomes knowledge.
“ In the pursuit of knowledge, the purpose for which we are all here, the Operations Conclave Committee desires to start a knowledge sharing platform in the form of this Information Bulletin. I am very happy that this group has taken the initiative to stat this new venture as a first step to issue 3 Information Bulletins this year with features to interest the entire SPJIMR fraternity. I wish this venture great success. I will be looking forward to reading this bulletin and also the feedback from the readers so that the content can be enriched as the time passes. ”


Cover Story
What is Operations
By Nishit Shah
Operations management can be defined as area of
management concerned with managing the
operating core of the organisation: activities
ranging from creation, production, delivery and
distribution of goods and/or services. In layman
terms OM can be defined as management of
conversion of inputs to output with highest
possible efficiency. The scope of OM ranges from
strategic (facility location decision, facility layout
planning) to tactical (inventory management) to
operational levels (ergonomics, job design).

6. different seasons, allocating showtimes
between different films, managing food
and beverages inventory etc.
This gives just a gist of operations management in
service industry. Operations management in any
service industry is just as important as marketing
or finance or HR. So next time when you get see
your favourite movie at your desired time think of
Operations Management!

Kieth Oliver, a British
Logistician and Consultant,
used the term “Supply Chain
Management” for the first
time in Financial Times on
June 4, 1982.

Operations Management in service industry
Traditionally operations management has been
associated with manufacturing sector. Though it
has origins in manufacturing sector its importance
in service sector cannot be undermined.
Following are the examples of a few roles that
operations management plays in the service sector
1. Banks : Teller scheduling, checks clearing,
mobilization of funds and assets
2. Airlines: Flight operations, demand
forecasting, ground support, facility
maintenance, catering etc
3. Tourism & Hospitality industry: demand
forecasting, events planning, tour planning
and scheduling, logistics etc.
4. Hospitals:
queues/streams (patients, test results,
5. drugs, materials, visitors), supervision of
patients, allocation of medical equipments
and facilities etc.

Looking Back…
Story Behind Creation of PERT
By Nishit Shah
We all know what PERT is –Program Evaluation
and Review Technique; how it is different from
CPM-how it incorporates uncertainty in events
thereby reducing the risk in project etc. But hardly
few of us know the origins and development of this
wonderful project management tool. Here is the
story behind the development of this techniqueThe birth and development of PERT lies in US Navy POLARIS Missile project. During 1950s top priority
of US government was safeguarding its national
interests against increasing Soviet Aggression.
During that time conventional wisdom dictated
that aircraft and missiles were best means of
delivering the nuclear warheads. All three divisions
of armed forces vouched for dominance in this
area launching several programs to develop
strategic weapons systems. Army program died
due to lack of funds. Though Airforce program
survived but it was not without huge...
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