Neuron and Senior Secondary Mastering

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New Senior Secondary Mastering Biology Suggested answers to Exercise and Reading to learn

Chapter 16 p.1/3

Suggested answers to Exercise and Reading to learn
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Ch 16

Coordination in humans

Multiple-choice questions (p. 16-29)
1 4 A A 2 5 A C 3 6 D B

Short questions (p. 16-30)
7 a b Cerebral hemisphere / cerebrum / cerebral cortex / left hemisphere i 1 2 3 ii 8 B 1m SSA helps select or identify correct words from past experience or memory / understand the language / process written words. 1m It sends nerve impulses to muscles of the mouth and face to form words. 1m It receives impulses from the eyes / optic nerve and passes impulse to visual association area. Speech association area A 1m 1m 1m 1m 1m 1m 1m

Endocrine glands produce hormones which diffuse directly into the blood. Exocrine glands release their secretions through ducts. For example, salivary glands secrete saliva through salivary ducts into the mouth while pancreas secretes insulin directly into the blood.

Structured questions (p. 16-30)
9 HKCEE Biology 2006 I Q3

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New Senior Secondary Mastering Biology Suggested answers to Exercise and Reading to learn

Chapter 16 p.2/3

10 HKCEE Biology 2004 I Q2c


HKCEE Human Biology 2004 I Q2c

Essays (p. 16-31)
12 Nerve impulses are electrical messages transmitted along nerve fibres at high speed. 1m When a nerve impulse arrives the ending of an axon, it stimulates the ending to release neurotransmitters. 1m The neurotransmitters diffuse across the synapse 1m and stimulate the dendron of the next neurone to generate a nerve impulse to continue the transmission. 1m Importance: This ensures nerve impulses travel in one direction only. 1m Most neurones have more than one...
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