Neuromorphic Computing

Topics: Human brain, Brain, Neuron Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: December 6, 2014
Neuromorphic Computing

If you ask me to name one advanced technology which brings us nearer tothe dream of Artificial Intelligence to reality in the near future is Neuromorphic Computing technology. From the name itself we can define it helps us to create robots and chips which could function like our human Neural system.Researchers have been trying to create computer that work and think and pass information like Brain!!!. Untill now as am writing this article it is not made fully possible to create a Robot that would think and work in an human way, thats the ultimate aim of the scientists of today to achive excellence in Artificial Intelligence. With the help of this Neuromorphic technology now scientists happy that they are nearing their dream of fully fucntional AI robot.

What the Future Holding for Us
The skilled professionals and researchers call themselves as neuromorphic engineers, who were highly expertise in these area of neural networking in robotics with relationship and integration with Neuromorphic computing. Their goal, according to Karlheinz Meier, a physicist at the University of Heidelberg who is one of their leaders, is to design a computer that has some—and preferably all—of three characteristics that brains have and computers do not. These are: low power consumption (human brains use about 20 watts, whereas the supercomputers currently used to try to simulate them need megawatts); fault tolerance (losing just one transistor can wreck a microprocessor, but brains lose neurons all the time); and a lack of need to be programmed (brains learn and change spontaneously as they interact with the world, instead of following the fixed paths and branches of a predetermined algorithm). To achieve these goals, however, neuromorphic engineers will have to make the computer-brain analogy real. And since no one knows how brains actually work, they may have to solve that problem for themselves, as well. This means filling in the gaps in...
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