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Neurocore Diagnostics
A technician places electrodes, similar to EKG leads,
to the patient’s legs or arms. Then a low intensity
electric current is directed over the nerves that lead
to those electrodes so that a computer can record and
evaluate the consequent nerve impulse for velocity,
onset and amplitude.
Neuropathies are caused by damage to the nerves axon
and/or damage to the myelin sheath surrounding the
nerve. If a response is slower than normal, damage
to the myelin sheath is implied. If the height of the
response’s amplitude is low with a relatively normal
speed of conduction, damage to the nerve axon is

How will the test feel?

There is generally minimal discomfort with the test because the electrical stimulus is small and usually is minimally felt by the patient. The impulse may feel like a mild rubber band snap or brief static charge. Depending on how strong the stimulus is, the patient may feel the stimulus to varying degrees. It may be uncomfortable for some patients during the actual test. There should be no residual pain once the test is finished.

The test takes about 20 to 30 minutes for either an upper or lower limb study and 45 to 55 minutes for both.

What does a patient need to do to prepare for the study?

Wear loose fitting clothes.
Watches, chains, bracelets and rings should be removed prior to the test. • Remove lotion, moisturizers, cream, oil or powders to ensure proper electrode adhesion and correct test recording.




NeuroCore Diagnostics is an
Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF)
that provides the physician with in-office diagnostic
testing which enables you ...
To differentiate between peripheral vascular disease and peripheral nerve disease. • To provide prompt in-office testing for your patients with an experienced boardcertified physician...
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