Neural Plasticity

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Neural plasticity
The word plasticity refers to how nerve cells change when a new experience is introduced. This means that calls may actually develop and change during our lifetime when we experience I guess we call developing our learning. We could say they neural plasticity is how the brain through learn and experience changes throughout a lifetime. The brain therefore can be considered as an ongoing learning, adapt to collects information as we learn and experience changes throughout a lifetime. The brain therefore can be considered as an ongoing learning machine that has the ability to store information, adapt to changes in an environment, retrieve memories and provides the method to make decisions. It could be said our brain is the human version or a computer. Neural plasticity then is the development of our neural system that assists in learning and memory. It was stated by Marvin L. Minsry (from society of the mind, 1986) that “the principal activities of brains are making changes in themselves”. Bryan Korb in an article titles “experience and the developing brain published in 2000 – education Canada at pages 24- 26” said. “Recent research shows that experiences alter the anatomical structure of the brain, that the effects of experience on the brain differ at different. Ages and bet weds males and females, and that brain development is not complete units about age 18.” In his basic “how the brain works” D.A.Sousa

Tried to explain neural plasticity as the brain being able to learn from changes taking place in an individuals life. He likened it to the brain being able to reorganize its functioning processes in response to “experiences or sensory stimulation.” Sarah Burke and Carol Barnes in a case study (January 2006) titled “neural plasticity in the ageing brain”, noted that as we age our cognitive ability to reason, remember pass experiences with clarity or simply to adjust to experiences of the day decline. They said that in the aging...
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