Neural Darwinism

Topics: Nervous system, Neural Darwinism, Brain Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: May 7, 2014
What is neural Darwinism?
Defined as the large scale theory of the brain function by Gerald Edelman, the Neural Darwinism was first mentioned in the book called the Mindful Brain in 1978. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1972 for his improved understanding and capability to show methods by which the population of lymphocytes are actually capable of binding to foreign antigens which is further increased by the differential clonal multiplication that occurs in the brain. This meant that the human form was actually capable of manufacturing adaptive systems as the resultant of indigenous events with feedback. This was extensively used in neurophysiology and sometimes in neurobiology. In Neural Darwinism, Edelman put forth three parts: 3 parts of Neuronal group selection:

The different anatomical connectivity of the brain is the result of selective mechano-chemical events that occurs epigenetically during its development. This creates a diverse range of primary collection by the discrepant reproduction. •Once the diversity has been achieved anatomically, there is the occurrence of the second selective process that happens in the postnatal behavioral experience is with the epigenetic notifications in the strength of the synaptic influences amid the neuronal collections. This results in the secondary stock by the process of differential intensification. •The last part is the reentrant gesturing amid the dissimilar neuronal groups that lets the spatiotemporal continuity in reply to the different real world connections.

Because of the neuronal heterogeneity or known the degeneracy, it became possible to examine as many circuits with different sets of inputs to have a better understanding, of which neuronal groups will respond appropriately statistically. There are therefore emergences of distributed brain circuits that emerge as a result. Edelman does go into some details into how the process of brain development is dependent on a variety of...
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