Nervous System and Mark

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16Coordination in Humans
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16.1What is coordination?
1. (c)  (d)  (f)  (e)  (a)  (b)(1 mark each)
(Total: 6 marks)
16.2Nervous coordination
1. (a) motor neurone (1 mark)
(1 mark)
(b)A – cell body(1 mark)
B – axon / nerve fibre(1 mark)
C – myelin sheath(1 mark)
(c)C is made of fat. (1 mark)
It prevents the spread of nerve impulses and helps speed up the rate of transmission of nerve impulses. (1 mark)
(d)X is an effector. (1 mark)
e.g. muscle / gland(1 mark)
(Total: 9 marks)
2. (a)Central nervous system (1 mark)
(b)brain (1 mark)
(c)spinal cord (1 mark)
(d)spinal nerves (1 mark)
(Total: 4 marks)
B.Fill in the blanks
1.(a) synapse
(b) neurotransmitter(1 mark each)
(Total: 2 marks)

16.3Central nervous system
A.Fill in the blanks
1.(a) cranium
(b) vertebral column
(c) meninges
(d) cerebrospinal fluid
(e) nourishing the neurones
(f) protecting the brain from mechanical injury(1 mark each)
(Total: 6 marks)
B.True or false
1. T
2. F
3. T
4. T
5. F(1 mark each)
(Total: 5 marks)
C.Multiple choice
1. C
2. A(1 mark each)
(Total: 2 marks)

16.4Reflex action
16.5Voluntary action
A.Multiple choice
1. A
2. A
3.A(1 mark each)
(Total: 3 marks)
1. (a) The stimulus should be applied on the tendon below the knee cap.(1 mark)
(b)The leg would give a little kick. (1 mark)
(c)stretch receptor  neurone X  neurone Y  thigh muscle (2 marks)
(d)Yes,(1 mark)
because the nerve impulses are also carried to the brain through another neural pathway. (1 mark)
(e)The person could feel the tap (1 mark)
but the leg would not kick immediately. (1 mark)
(Total: 8 marks)
16.6Hormonal coordination in humans
True or false
1. F
2. F
3. T
4. T(1 mark each)
(Total: 4 marks)
Revision Exercise
A. Multiple choice...
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