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Topics: Blood sugar, Nervous system, Parasympathetic nervous system Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Sympathetic nerve supply- the sympathetic nervous supply is apart of ther autonomis nervous system the sympathetic nerves start from the spinal column and carry on to the middle of the spinal cord called the lateral horn. It starts at the spinal cords first segment and goes on to the lumbard segment, the main function of the sympathetic nerve supply is the mobilization of the nervous system to have a response. The sympathetic nerve supply increases heart rate, contraction and also blood pressure. Parasympathetic nerve supply- the parasympathetic nerve supply is opposite to the sympathetic as the parasympathetic decreases heart rate, contraction, and blood pressure. The system is responsible for stimulation of the body when it is resting especially after eating, digestion, sexual arousal, tears and also waste. The recommened blood sugar levels for a non diabetic 4-5.9 mmol/l and for diabetic individuals there recommened blood sugar levels before meals should be around 4-7 mmol/l. If the body has a lot of glucose in the blood than the body will realease insulin into the blood, insulin is used by the body as a hormone that turns most of the food we eat into energy and insulin helps our body store energy that we can use at a later date when the body needs it. After we eat a meal insulin causes the sugar that we receive from our food to go from the blood to all of the bodys cells to make sugar,fat and also protein. Insulin is produced by our own insulin that is made in the pancreas gland or taken by injection. And if blood glucose levels fall glucagon is realeased into the blood stream to raise blood glucose levels and this is a part of homeostasis. what I have written about so far I would say are both strengths of homeostasis because when the body has been in these states homeostasis has kicked In to regulate these problems, for example when the body is cold homeostasis works as it allows the body to shiver which in turn warms up the body, and also when the body...
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