Nancy Miars

Topics: Nervous system, Multiple sclerosis, Central nervous system Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Nancy Mairs, who has multiple sclerosis, a chronic degenerative disease of the central nervous system, wrote the inspiring essay "On Being a Cripple," in which she demonstrates how she gracefully accepts and lives with her disease, how she deals with the difficulties that follow, and how she finds humors in life though she suffers from the brutal fact of her malady. In the article, she fully displays her gratitude for life despite the unpredictable future she must face daily as the result of MS. Also, she shows her sense of humor toward life while dealing with the harsh of the reality

One of the major reasons that Nancy leads such a productive life is her gratitude. Nancy's gratitude toward the world enables her to achieve the kind of fruitful life which most of us, even without a physical disease, could have not achieved. Though living with the disease, she manages to focus on making the best out of her life. She has accomplished many things. She has pursued and received her education, educate the society about MS and depression by offering lectures in colleges to, and remain active and optimistic in the society, maintaining a close, warm, and healthy family relationship. None of those are easy to achieve, but because of her gratitude, she did it. Despite of the daily difficulties she has to deal with, she finds many reasons to live her life contently and happily. Although the slowly progressing MS disease has caused her many physical disadvantages: leaving her walking with the aid of brace and cane, using a electric wheelchair, which she describes as an "electrified kiddie car" for longer distance, left hand no longer much of use and right side also started to weakening, and still having blurred sport on her eyes, yet she still claims that overall, her life has been lucky so far.
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