My Report on: “the Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race”

Topics: Human, Agriculture, Thought Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: September 3, 2012
When I read Jared Diamond’s article he had some really good points that state why agriculture was not a step forward to creating the world that we live in now but actually a huge leap backwards that has led to the oppression of a certain gender and some enslavement of specific races. Another thing I do like about Jared Diamond’s article is that he says it all with one quote, “The Worst Mistake In The History Of The Human Race”. What that quote does is tell you that we as humans can’t blame our mistakes on other creatures or being but we can blame it on ourselves because we had to think and do things without saying, “ will this be a good idea in the future.” Obviously it went wrong.

The article that Jared Diamond wrote is structured like this. At the beginning he talks about how we as humans have been smug about how we are the greatest being to ever walk on this planet Earth then he gives you a question that really gets you thinking, “Why did the hunter and gatherers switch to agriculture?” Then he starts explaining the reasons for why we did make this change in human history that’ll never be forgotten. In better words he states all the good things of hunting and gathering and all the disadvantages of agriculture. Then after all that he makes a great example of a clan of hunters and gathers called the Kalahari Bushman, who prospered off the concept of hunting and gathering. To prove this statement he states that during a month when food is plentiful they take in 2,140 calories. After this he goes into how we as humans have decreased in size because of malnutrition (you can read about this in paragraph two). Then on page three of the article he talks about how thanks to the domestication of animals that has led to a greater interaction with them has led to some specific diseases such as small pox, flu, measles, and the bubonic plague. And at the end of the article he states a quote that goes like this, “pretend that the entire history of humans was just one...
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