My Personal Laughter Health Experiences

Topics: Psychology, Nervous system, Central nervous system Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: August 9, 2013
It's been my clinical experience that once the nervous system is reset it is self-regulating, the parasympathetic down regulation is less likely to trigger negative moods. I can't express enough how huge this ideas is in terms of how we approach mental health. This site was, in part, inspired by this very notion. The new therapies available (especially right-brain-based therapies e.g. body psychotherapy) more readily utilize the positive aspects of our lives but not in a mindless magical thinking sort of way. They do so from a way of directly changing how the nervous system responds. Other experience groups that have been combined into this group include. There is nothing quite like a good laugh. In my opinion laughter is one of the main ingredients that makes life worth living, To share a good laugh with someone is just what’s required to keep your energy, optimism and motivation all fired up as well as keeping you in good health. In fact one of my priorities for 2013 is to laugh more. Collectively we are recovering from seasonal excess, endless days of family, or perhaps feelings of isolation, more rain and gray days than we ever imagined as well as the doom and gloom of the recession. This mix all add up to a down hearted nation, which ultimately is not good for us. As human beings we love to laugh, we are designed to laugh. Recently I heard a psychologist on the radio informing us that one of our earliest forms of communication is laughter. To let another know that we mean them no harm, that we are friendly. It raises our spirits releasing the feel good chemical Serotonin. We can literally ache with laughter and it feels so good. Laughter releases tension. Sometimes can even come from the darkest events, it is one of our natural ways of dealing with stress.
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