Music Medicine

Topics: Medicine, Brain, Electroencephalography Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Music Therapy as a Pioneering Course of Medicine

Since decades ago, music proved to be fundamentally essential to regulate psychological and emotional self-awareness of human beings. Hitherto, it's still being investigated and experimented for its paramount effects to numerous of ordinary people thus helping them overcoming profuse bizzare diseases associated. Basically, music is produced from vibrated object hence, releasing sound wave that has certain energy and frequency. Certain magnitude of frequency could aid someone to either be hyperactive or on the contrary (hypoactive). This novel likewise renowned therapy is known as the Brain Music Therapy (BMT) which has been linked in several social development worldwide.

First and foremost, music therapy is the latest double-edge therapy present on earth to advocate healthcare as an alternative medicine. It also acts to prevent psychological and cardiovascular diseases without giving off any detrimental side-effects. Logically, every kind of music has its own tempo which will induce different frequency. Our brain the central nervous system is associated with brain waves from music or sound wave present according to the change of frequency. Hence, different brain waves will promote energising and sleepiness effects or even encouraging motivation mentally. Insomnia, hypertension, depression and anxiety disease are forms of diseases that commonly hard to be detected. Nonetheless, music thereapy is seemed to be promising in order to combat against these maladies. Therefore, we need to undego this state-of-the-art likewise intriguing medicine that also acts as a free health-hazard drug for future demand of healthcare.

Next, it is also a cost effective medicine that doesn't need any conventional drugs or medicines that could intervening optimum body chemistry. Treatments could also be done at home besides undergoing treatments in private hospital seldomly. It is made possible as the result of a cutting-edge...
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