Moral responsibility

Topics: Free will, Determinism, Causality Pages: 3 (1256 words) Published: October 12, 2014
People sometimes wonder if they are morally responsible for their actions or maybe everything that occurs in their lives is predetermined. The state of determinism being valid does not mean people cannot hold others morally responsible because the very thought that popped into their head to hold someone morally responsible is also part of determinism. One cannot just pick and choose. Determinism basically states that everything is already determined and will play out how it should play out. Any thoughts a person has are the results of it. I could make a law saying one should eliminate anyone who says the word chicken. As a result of determinism, that thought popped into the person who made that law and that person can say due to that then determinism is true. And as for moral responsibility society generally holds people responsible for their actions, and will say if they deserve praise or blame for what they did. An important issue is whether people are morally responsible and if so, then up to what extent. Though throughout the years philosophers debated on this topic and thought of numerous conclusions. In this essay arrangement I’d like to shed some light on the conflict between determining moral responsibility and why it is predetermined to hold people accountable for their actions if determining was true.

Nagel Thomas’s discussion of “free will” described determinism as: “the sum o’s a person’s experiences, desires and knowledge, his hereditary constitution, the social circumstances and the nature of the choice of the choice facing him, together with other factors that we may not know about, all combine to make particular action in the circumstances inevitable” (69).Such as something’s that occur in people’s lives is pre-determined and they have no control over it, due to that they may believe of having free will for making decisions, but in fact its all in their mind that convinces them to act in a certain way, and the leading cause for that is...
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