Modeling the traceability information in food industry: the case of yogurt's supply chain

Topics: Traceability, Material, Supply chain management terms Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Modeling the traceability information in food industry: the case of yogurt's supply chain

This study investigates the concept of electronic food traceability throughout the supply chain, with an emphasis on Traceable Resource Unit (TRU) identification, data management, and information exchange technologies from farm to fork. To accomplish these tasks, a UML (Unified Modeling Language) was used to create a product centric data model for managing TRU traceability data throughout the chain. In this paper, a system approach is used in order to develop a methodology for the implementation of the dairy supply chain traceability. This study was conducted in yogurt supply chain. The yogurt’s supply chain consists of five cycles, which starts from providing the raw material (milk) from the cattle, turning it into the product (yogurt) and delivering it to the final consumer. For doing this, we used diagnostic tools such as RFID. 1. Introduction

To achieve the record or history and current status of a product in a production system, some solutions is needed. Determining the history or record of product is important for many customers and for many products. For many customers, it is important to know that where, under which conditions, at what time and under what procedures a product have been created. In most cases, the origin of the product is important, too. For example, considering the high population of Muslims around the world, insuring of production of foods through the halal materials and procedures is important for this huge population. This is imperative for organizations and countries to have a certification that guarantees their product is halal, making them able to communicate with more than a quarter of the world's population. These organizations have to comply with 11 clauses of the Halal Food Standards to achieve this standard label. In addition, some kind of label or mark should be placed on processed products, so that the consumer will be...
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