Mm578 Consumer Behavior Course Project Explanation

Topics: Marketing, Critical thinking, Decision making Pages: 4 (953 words) Published: July 10, 2011
To help you create a graduate-level submission, the following additional insights are provided to help you learn and to facilitate a high quality written submission. You are asked to choose a consumer product or service about which you either know something or on which you can find good research. You may use either a product/service with which you are actively involved in your business or one from another business. This project supports all of the Terminal Course Objectives in the course. This assignment is due on Sunday of Week SEVEN via the Dropbox. No late papers will be accepted. You are to create a thorough, tightly focused Marketing Strategy that focuses on consumer behavior for either a product or a service. To help you in the process, Appendix B is available on page 738 of our course text. The sections below that are highlighted in BLUE text are found in Appendix B. The insights provided in Appendix B should be very helpful as you assess your paper’s intended content. Those sections not highlighted receive this instructor’s additional perspectives in the “Additional Instructions” area. Develop a tightly focused, strategically-oriented paper. I will be seeking your depth and breadth of your findings and arguments that communicate via your logical, business-oriented writing that you are a thinking, educated, marketer. As you create your paper, please NUMBER each section so that I can easily determine on which one of the seven (7) sections you are writing. You want to demonstrate in-depth critical thinking, provide examples, and support your assertions with legitimate scholarly resources. Use APA citations each and any time that you have referenced scholarly content. NOTE: or or other similar “general go-to-us-for-a-fast-answer” websites are not considered scholarly resources. Please do not use these. Demonstrate scholarly research that utilizes respected resources that identify the subject-matter-expert by name. NOTE:...
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