Mitigating Risk of Supply Chain Management

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Mitigating Risk of Supply Chain Management

(A Situational Scan)

Submitted towards partial evaluation of
Supply Chain Management

Submitted by,
Arshiya Azam
Roll No-08
MBA, 2013

Center for Management Studies,
NALSAR university of Law
September 2013


After the recent Israel –Gaza conflicts a huge “Boycott Israel” campaign was initiated with citizens choosing not to use and support the Zionist entity. Even after 9/11 attack companies have faced interruptions in global supply chains which were due to the reaction of US Government to terrorist attack. This paper is based on case studies, exploratory. Companies like Coca-Cola using different combinations to mitigate risk which can be constructive if they are rational with specific context.

This research is aimed at investigating the way companies deal with disruptions relating to terrorism and other risk. It also focuses on major issues such as 1. How companies deal, describe and assess terrorism related risk and the failure modes which are common to all the sources affecting supply chain. 2. How supply chain can be protected when it is integrated with high levels of security 3. Different ways that can be used to achieve resilience.

Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Disruption, Security, resilience, supply networks, Supply chain Security, Terrorism


This paper aims to explore how western corporations are dealing with the threat of terrorism and other risk. Studying case studies to know different combinations used to mitigate risk by western corporations. The main research questions are as follows:

1) How companies assess and evaluate the risk for their supply chain? 2) How companies are protecting their supply chain to mitigate risk and how companies are preventing security breaches? 3) How companies are consolidating their supply chain and how their are reacting to unexpected disruption?...
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