Middle Ages

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Medieval demography Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: November 3, 2013
In the Middle Ages during the black plague, people had religious doubts, different economic troubles but mostly the same health concerns. People during the fifteenth through eighteenth century had some similar beliefs and concerns. For example, people were locked in there house when they had the plague and stayed there till they died. Some people thought that God sent the plague as a punishment to human kind. People then who had money left while the people with money stayed in their hometown. People in the Middle Ages had religious doubts. For example in document seven an Italian housewife was asking for bread that touched the body of St. Domain to cure her husband. In document nine, a priest is trying to get God to get rid of the plague. In document sixteen, a physician is blaming the plague on an angry God. All those documents are examples of how people during the plague had religious doubts. People in the Middle Ages had different economic troubles. For example in document three, a French author showed how the rich fled and the poor didn’t. In document thirteen, an English naval bureaucrat said that people would not buy a wig in fear of the infection. In document fourteen, a journalist stated that people stopped trading with Europe. All these documents are examples of how the plague affected the economic problems of the people. People in the Middle Ages had mostly the same health concerns. For example in document five, a Count of the Palatinate wrote that people were locked in their house when they were sick and they died in there, since people nailed the doors and windows shut. In document eleven, a Barcelona tanner said that the demand for nurses were so high that it was hard to find them. In document twelve, an English traveler showed how people were scared to go somewhere because of fear of getting the plague. Those documents were examples of how people had the same health concerns. People during the Middle Ages had religious doubts as shown above. They...
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