Mid term psychology

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Mid-Term Review

1. Chemicals that cause birth defects are:
a. morphogenicc. homeostatic
b. homophobicd. teratogenic

2. A person with X,X, and Y sex chromosomes must be
a. heterosexualc. male
b. homosexuald. bisexual

3. Which controversy deals with the question of whether development is a gradual, cumulative change or a sequence of distinct stages? a. nature vs. nurturec. stability vs. change
b. continuity vs. discontinuityd. evolution vs. creation

4. Knowing how to ride a bicycle is stored in which of our memory subsystems? a. explicitc. semantic
b. implicitd. episodic

5. Damage to the hammer, anvil, and stirrup can result in
a. conduction deafnessc. blindness
b. sensorineural deafnessd. color-blindness

6. If you stand on one foot and close your eyes, which of the following senses prevents you from falling? a. gustatoryc. kinesthetic
b. olfactoryd. visual

7. Hormones most closely related to stress are produced by the a. thyroidc. pineal
b. parathyroidd. adrenals

8. The unit of structure and function of the human nervous system is the a. neuron c. axon
b. nerve d. brain

9. Which of the following technologies enables psychologists to visualize brain functions? a. EEG & EKGc. EKG & PET
b. PET & fMRId. PET & CAT

10. The part of the brain most closely associated with regulation of hunger, thirst, and body temperature is the a. left frontal lobec. hypothalamus
b. right frontal lobed. cerebellum

11. Which of the following are stimulants?
a. methamphetamine & codeinec. nicotine & cocaine
b. caffeine & morphined. alcohol & Benzedrine

12. Which approach emphasizes the nature of people to maximize their own potential? a. biologicalc. cognitive
b. behaviorald. humanistic

13. The evolutionary approach emphasizes changes in behavior a. resulting from cloningc. on the species level
b. resulting from changes in chromosome numberd. within cultural groups

14. Which of the following is the result of learning?
a. salmon swim upstream to spawn
b. a neonate cries immediately after birth
c. a boy cringes when he sees lightning
d. a man blinks when a puff of air is blown into his eye

15. Chemical energy is transduced to the electrical-chemical energy of neural impulses at the a. cochleac. olfactory mucosa
b. retinad. semi-curricular canals
16. Wilhelm Wundt & the structuralists studied questions still asked today primarily by a. behavioral psychologists
b. cognitive psychologists
c. psychodynamic psychologists
d. humanistic psychologists

17. Organized sets of concepts that explain phenomenon are
a. independent variablesc. hypothesis
b. dependant variables d. theories

18. A neuron without terminal buttons would be unable to
a. receive information
b. generate action potential
c. secrete neurotransmitters to postsynaptic neurons
d. transport ions across cell membranes

19. Gunshot wounds, tumors, and strokes all result in
a. infectionsc. pain
b. lesionsd. necessity for surgery

20. Which task is primarily a right cerebral hemisphere function in most people? a. recognizing faces
b. understanding written language
c. understanding spoken language
d. none of the above

21. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of:
a. sensation and perception.
b. experience and mental illness.
c. culture and group dynamics.
d. behavior and mental processes.

22. Psychological research tends to depend on:
a. cultural differences.
b. historical information.
c. word of mouth.
d. scientific methods.

23. Sonya is suffering from depression. The type of psychologist who Sonya would most likely see is a(n): a. clinical psychologist.
b. social psychologist.
c. educational psychologist.
d. organizational psychologist.

24. Samara is a psychologist working at a local university....
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