medieval time

Topics: Middle Ages, Medieval demography, Black Death Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: October 23, 2013
The middle ages was a time where the ups and downs of society were completely unpredictable, where people lived in fear of random raids, and where the essence of everything that Rome had created was gone in a flash. Because of its erratic nature and reputation, it received many strong, contradictive names. Some called it the Dark Ages, others the age of feudalism, some even refer to it as the age of faith. Whatever they called it, it was still the same time. The same things still happened, and the same history was written. Most modern historians dismiss the notion that the era was a “Dark Age”, they believed that the idea was based on the ignorance of the time. However, previously and even some till this day believe that era received its most prominent name for a very good reason. It was a time of atrocious conditions and choas. They burned down the churches and then departed with a crowd of captives. There was no longer any trade, only unceasing terror. It truly was dark. People starved to death because of lack of food. Cannibalism became common, and the most convenient source of food, because the streets were ridden with people who did not survive the Black Death. Not only was the population wrenched apart by the plague, knights who looted towns for fun finished them off. Moreover,among all the trials and distress of the time, we learn that an age once traditionally described as “dark” had a remarkable vitality and exuberance. Even at its worst, it performed the function of guarding, frequently by accident and chance, the knowledge and treasure of what had come before. The records and literature of the Empire they had once known was maintained, due to people that were willing to copy them all and do other things to preserve them. People still found ways to have fun and stay happy, even with danger lurking around the corner.
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