Medieval Europe’s Influence on the Renaissance

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Medieval Europe’s Influence on the Renaissance

In the Middle ages of Europe there were many factors that helped lead to the beginning of the renaissance. For instance the creation of universities that let people study latin literature and art, which lead to new establishments of middle age sculptures and paintings. With the availability of knowledge for the study of basic wisdom and the relationship between nature and god, people began to question the churches ideas, this lead to people creating new religious beliefs. Also the feudal system began to fall apart do to Norman invasions of England and fighting between the king and churches power, this caused city states to emerge and monarchical systems to be restored. In the middle ages people began to study the development of god which lead to multiple questioning of the churches beliefs, people were also able to study ancient literature and develop a new perspective of art and advancement in literature, lastly the feudal system began to fail causing city states to be created which used a monarchical system instead of feudalism; these changes influenced the renaissance to begin by setting the basic outline for a rebirth of Europe.

During the middle ages people would attend church every day. Not many European citizens understood how to read or write so when the church had said something was true most people believed them. Then scholasticism began to develop which taught men the study and analysis of gods and their relationship to the universe. Universities were also established which taught basic knowledge. With the development of scholasticism and universities it lead people to ask more questions, like why something had happened or how it came about. The church didn’t always have the answers to these questions which caused people to distrust the church and come up with their own ideas and beliefs. Dominic Guzman was an example of people that expanded theological theories. When the Bubonic Plague came and...
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