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Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Feudalism Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Vocab Block 5
Middle Ages – The period in western European history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the 15th century. Vikings – Sea-going Scandinavian raiders who disrupted coastal areas of Europe from the 8th to 11th centuries Serfs – peasant agricultural laborers within Manorialism

Three-Field System – 1/3 of the land each year was unplanted to increase fertility Carolingians – Royal house of the Franks
Charlemagne – Carolingian monarch who established a large empire in France and Germany Feudalism – Manorialism on top of manorialism for political purposes Capetains – French dynasty
Magna Carta – Great Charter; issued by King John of England; confirmed feudal rights against monarchial claims Hundred Years’ War – conflict between England in France for about 88 years St. Clare of Assisi – founder of a woman's monastic order; represented a new spirit of purity and dedication to the Catholic Church Peter Abelard – Author of “Yes and No”

Thomas Aquinas – Author of “Summas”; believed in the coexistence of reason and divine thought Troubadours – poets in 14th century south France
Jacques Coeur – merchant in 15th century France
Black Death – The Bubonic Plague killed 2/3 of the population by 1352; “a pandemic so severe, the black plague caused much horror and fear, and there ain’t no cure for that girl, you’ll be dead in no time flat girl. You’ll get acral necrosis, from the Yersinia Pestis, it make your tounge all black girl, going to bury out in the back girl.” Benedict of Nursia – Saint in Christianity; monasticism

Gothic – An architectural style developed during the Middle Ages in Western Europe Manorialism – System of economic and political relations between landlords and their peasant laborers Moldboard – a plow

Clovis – King of the Franks who converted to Christianity
Charles Martel – defeated the Muslims at Tours
Holy Roman Empire – everyone who was Catholic
Vassals –...
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