Medical Marijuana

Topics: Medicine, Multiple sclerosis, Nervous system Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: August 19, 2007
Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Marijuana
How would you feel if you had a degenerative disease and the one medicine that helped you the most was not allowed to be prescribed to you and was also illegal for you to obtain? That is the case for many Multiple Sclerosis(MS)patients today. MS affects patients in many different ways, but medical marijuana (Cannibis) can help releive the symptoms of MS in these patients, if only it was legal to prescribe. MS is a chronic unpredictable nuerological disease that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). It causes the bodies autoimmune system to attack the nerves and eat away the protective Myelin Sheat that coats the nerves allowing them to send messages throughout the body. Patients who suffer from this disease have many different symptoms. Some of the symptoms include chroninc pain, spasticity. loss of coordination, depression, loss of balance, tremors, loss of bladder control, dimmed vision, and even difficulty with speech. Most patients suffer from several of those symptoms at the same time. Many of the symptoms can be minimized with verious different medications. However, Cannibis can releive all of those symptoms and be a huge help to those MS patients in dealing with and preventing future exacerbations of the disease. There are many therapeutic affects of cannibis for MS patients. First off, the THC found in Cannibis has an affect on the immune function and can reduce and prevent the autoimmune attack on the CNS. This slows down the pathogenic process and helps to reduce exacerbations which can slow down the progression of the disease or even bring it to a halt. Cannibis also has an incredible affect on muscles spasms. tremors, and balance. Patients who are not able to go up stairs or walk on their own, find themselves capable of doing so unaided after having smoke cannibis. Patients also claim tha speech, eyesight, and bladder contorl symptoms are improved. Last, but not least, Cannibis can be used to treat the...
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