Massage Therapy vs Chiropractic

Topics: Nervous system, Lymphatic system, Human body Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: November 11, 2013

The human body is amazing. It has to be taken care of for us to have lifelong benefit. There are two modalities of care that can be used to help the body stay in peak performance. These two modalities are Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care. Both of these modalities are natural forms of personal care. They both provide excellent results for the individual. These modalities have been a trusted form of care for people for many years. Massage Therapy is a modality that is performed by using the hands, forearms, and sometimes the elbows, to move the skin, blood, oxygen and lymphatic system. This is accomplished by stroking the skin with a firm movement and by manipulating the muscles. These movements are executed over the body as a whole. The intention is to move everything towards the heart. This increases movement of the internal systems of the body, and provides better results of the massage. Chiropractic care is performed with the hands and the use of an instrument called an activator. The first thing done is for the spinal column to be x-rayed and examined for subluxations. Then the practitioner uses their hands and the activator to firmly move the subluxations of the spine back into place. This movement can cause an actual audible sound when the adjustment is successful. Massage Therapy benefits are many and varied. It relieves the stress of emotional, physical, mental & even spiritual wear and tear on the human body. The client’s stress level is reduced. This result is partly because massage reduces blood pressure in the body. The skin is nourished and stretched. The blood and oxygen in the body are stimulated. The lymphatic system is moved to the point that it cleans the lymph nodes and moves the toxins that have accumulated there up and through the body to the organs. Then the body’s organs move these toxins out through normal body functions. Chiropractic care benefits the body in a different way. When the misaligned spine is put back...
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