Marketing Campaign: Organic Foods

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“why organic?”

Our campaign, “why organic?”, includes a series of print ads that increase awareness to consumers about chemically injected foods. Our campaign is differentiated from other campaigns by the multiple perspectives our ads take while sharing a common theme in design and overall point. Humorous, fearful, and informative pictures and facts are used to show consumers the connection between non-organic foods and disease, cancer, and other disorders in consumers. Although organic foods are more expensive in the long run the benefits of eating healthy outweigh the cost of purchasing them.

SWOT Analysis: Strengths

In general, the growing concern for healthful habits is beneficial to our campaign. Mothers’ desire for a long and healthy life for their children is largely helpful. Consumers are becoming more aware of the toxins and chemicals used in foods, and want better grocery options. This is apparent in the recent increase of organic food retail sales. “The Health of Organic Foods” states that sales have steadily been increasing in recent years. The prevalent demand for organic foods will increase the attractiveness of our campaign while catching the attention of other consumers who are not yet aware or sold on the idea. The honesty of “why organic?” has the strength to build a strong brand image, making the campaign a credible influence to shopping mothers.


When promoting organic food choices, there are factors that could potentially weaken the effectiveness of the campaign. Cost is an important purchasing consideration for consumers and a potential weakness for a campaign supporting organic foods. Traditionally, organic foods are more expensive than average groceries. The recent recession has raised consumers’ cost sensitivity. In addition, consumers lack awareness and require further education about the dangers of food additives and the benefits of organic food choices.


The opportunities pertaining to a campaign centralized around moving to organic food choices includes improving the standard of living for people who do make the choice to avoid chemically injected foods. Food habits have been changing, which creates big opportunities for our campaign. One opportunity we are implementing is partnering with the Breast Cancer Society to motivate women to eat organic foods, which is proven to help prevent breast cancer. A second opportunity is to pair up with restaurants and have them come up with some organic dishes for their menus to offer consumers. A third opportunity is to form an alliance with the Food Network and allow the chefs to start cooking organic meals, and inform their audiences on the benefits of eating organic food. Food habits have been starting to change, which will help allow us to reach consumers better than ever before.


A potential threat to a campaign targeting the dangers in U.S. meats is the potential negative reaction from the USDA. Being a direct advocate for avoiding purchasing their products could possibly lead to heavy controversy and ultimately litigation. So, treading lightly and focusing on solid facts is pertinent. Another threat includes competitors such as McDonald’s and other fast food places, where it’s very quick and easy to get processed foods that the campaign is fighting against.

Market Selection

We have selected mothers of all ages and incomes as the target market. Typically mothers are the influencing agents on grocery purchases. Making mothers the target of the campaign will increase their awareness regarding the dangerous effects of food additives in non-organic milk, meat, and other non organic products that they feed their children. The dangerous diseases and effects of non-organic foods, creates the incentive to make organic food choices.

Promotional Advertisements

Our advertisements, “why organic?”, are designed to attract the concern of mothers regarding the foods their families are eating. Our...

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