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1.According to IMA’ Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, would it ethical for Perlman not to report the inventory as obsolete?

IMA’s statement states that if they are stealing report it to the police, in this particular situation they are stealing but not physically. If would be unethical if Perlman did not report if because this effect there financial gain. They are stealing indirectly which creates a gate for feature dishonesty.

2.Would it be easy for Perlman to take ethical action in this situation? This decision would be entire up to her as the assistant controller yes it will be easy to report it but for the rest of the management team it will probably not be easy to give up a bonus. It would be good because she will not be discredited.

Reaserch & application 1-9
1.What is whole foods Market’s strategy for success in the marketplace? Their strategy for success in the marketplace is due to their highly selective selection of organic products. Providing an empowering work environment for their team leaders and commitment to a sustainable agriculture. Their opportunistic real estate and acquisition strategy. Opening store in existing trade areas as well as new markets.

Does the company rely primary on a customer intimacy, operational excellence, or product leadership customer value proposition? What evidence support this conclusion?

I think that is really on product leadership, customer value proposition because they wan to provide the highest quality of organic foods, satisfying their customers, keeping their team member happiness and excellence. Creating wealth, through profits and growth in addition to caring for their communities and environment. As it is stated in their core values it’s a balanced way of doing business. They consider the entire five equal in importance and deserving of equal consideration and attention.

2.What business risk does Whole Foods Market face that may threaten it ability to satisfy...
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