Living with a Chronic Illness

Topics: Multiple sclerosis, Myelin, Nervous system Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Living with a Chronic Illness such as Multiple Sclerosis
SOC 313 Social Implications of Medical Issues

July 8, 2013

Multiple Sclerosis better known as MS is a disease people live with for 30 to 40 years. This is a long time living with such a painful disease. Many people do not know about Multiple Sclerosis and its effects on the individuals with this debilitating disease. More insight will be given on the cause, prevalence, racial disparity treatments research funding and future studies. According to the Institute of Medicine Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system (Williams, 2007). Multiple Sclerosis affects the body neurons the cell of the brain and spinal cord that carry information create though and perception and allows the brain to control the body. Surrounding many of these neurons is a fatty layer known as the myelin sheath; which helps neurons carries electrical signals. Multiple Sclerosis causes the myelin sheath to gradually deteriorate. When the myelin sheath is destroyed the neurons can no longer efficiently conduct their electrical signals. Multiply Sclerosis can cause a variety of symptoms which range from visual sensation problems muscle weakness slurred speech pain severe fatigue cognitive impairment and depression. It was established that Multiple Sclerosis is not a single gene disorder. (William 2007) It involves multiple genes interacting with an environmental trigger or triggers. Research points toward infections rather than something toxic in air water or food as a triggering agent though recent evidence hints that lack of sun exposure leading to lower vitamin D levels may play (King, 2007). Much has been learned about the damage of Multiple Sclerosis but the exact cause remains a mystery. Nicholas Larocca Project officer and director of Heath Care Delivery and Policy Research for the National MS society explains that it is very important to understand the medical...
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