Leagile Supply Chain for Fast Fashion Industry

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Supply Chain Management Fast Fashion Industry


MBA 4642 - Products & Processes
Module Leader: Dr. Louise Boutler
Venkatesh Kumar Subburaj
Assignment 2 (Individual)
Word Count: 2193


Middlesex University Business School


1. Introduction4

1.1 Nature of fast fashion industry4

2. Importance of agile supply chain in fast fashion industry5

3. Managing the Fashion logistics pipeline6

4. Global Quick Response (GQR) in Fashion Industries7

4.1 The new garment design and development process8

4.1.1 New garment development process8

4.1.2 Estimation9

4.1.3 Concurrent Engineering for new product design and development9

4.2 The First volume order9

4.2.1 Decisions on Appropriate production units9

4.2.2 Learn from the established contracts10

4.3 The repeat order process10

4.3.1 Dependable and capable network10

4.3.2 Effective order placing process10

4.3.3 Effective control Systems10

4.4 Enablers of GQR10

5. Conclusion11

6. Recommendations11

7. References13

8. Appendices14

Appendix 1: Key Operational practices and principles14

Appendix 2: Characteristics of Agile Supply Chain15

Appendix 2: Enablers of Global quick response (GQR)17


Fashion markets are synonymous with rapid change, global supply and, as a result, commercial success or failure in those markets is largely determined by the organisation’s flexibility and quick responsiveness. Responsiveness is characterised by short time-to-market, the ability to scale up (or down) quickly and the rapid incorporation of consumer preferences into the design process (Martin Christopher, Robert Lowson, Helen Peck, 2000).

This Report emphasize on new concept - Global Quick Response (GQR), embedded within an agile supply chain - which strives to combine cost and scale efficiencies by sourcing globally with quick and accurate response to market requirements. GQR is based on lead time compression, effective information management, dynamic planning and strong logistics. This report also examine agile supply chain and GQR in the perspective of the garment design and development process, the first volume order process and the repeat order process. We also discuss its requirements with respect to market intelligence and rapid new product introduction; network planning and staged postponement; and network capability.

Finally, reviewed and identified the good practice in relation to what other ‘fast fashion’ retailing companies are doing in this context and made the following recommendations a) Creation of agile organisation using an agile supply chain embedded with Global quick response(GQR) b) SCOR model to be used as reference model in framing/managing the supply chain and their network c) Key operating Principles and Practices

These recommendations will give the edge for the organisation to have a greater chance of succeeding in a very competitive environment.

1. Introduction

The clothing industry has become one of the most mobile industries comprising complex global supply networks to supply clothing to world markets. The nature of these global networks poses significant challenges for quick and accurate response. Refer Figure 1 for understanding of generic high level structure of global clothing industry supply chain. In order to ensure the right product volume and mix within retail stores from a globally dispersed supply network, it requires innovative operational strategies and practices.

|Figure 1 : Generic high-level structure of the global clothing industry supply chain | | | |[pic]...

References: • Martin Christopher, Robert Lowson & Helen Peck (2000). ‘Creating Agile Supply chain in the Fast Fashion Industry’. Available at Web:
• Christopher, M., (2000), “The Agile Supply Chain: Competing in Volatile Markets”, Industrial Marketing Management, Available at Web:
• Fernie, J. (1994) ‘Quick Response: an International Perspective’, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Vol. 22, Issue 6, pp 38-46.
a) Market sensitivity
Being close to the customer is vital for fashion retailing (Martin Christopher, Robert Lowson, Helen Peck, 2000)
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