Latest Reports: China Aquaculture Industry 2014-2017, Global Industry Analysis

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Global And China Aquaculture Industry 2014-2017 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast : Industry Analysis, Overview, Research and Development - Market Research Reports.Biz

China’s aquaculture crop maintained steady growth during 2007-2012, with that of Seawater Aquaculture products and freshwater aquaculture products recording a CAGR of about 4.7% and 6.1%, respectively. In 2013, China’s aquaculture crop saw a year on year rise of 5.9% and reached 45.4168 million tons. The middle and high-end products like abalone, sea cucumber, white shrimp and tilapia developed rapidly, wherein the crop of abalone and sea cucumber achieved a CAGR of above 10% each over the past five years. With advancement of aquaculture technologies and improvement of people’s consumption level, it is expected that China’s aquaculture area and crop will keep a rapid growth rate during 2014-2017.

Despite a net importer of aquatic products, China has a trade surplus, which has swelled rapidly since the year 2010, due to significantly higher average export price than average import price. In 2013, the import and export prices of aquatic products in China attained to USD 2,071/t and USD 5,118/t, respectively.

China’s aquaculture industry is mostly distributed in eastern riverside and coastal provinces, with main ones having developed their own unique products. Among them, Shandong is the most developed province in Seawater Aquaculture, with its Seawater Aquaculture crop amounting to 4.566 million tons in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 4.7% and ranking first as concerns the crop of marsupenaeus japonicus, mussel, sea cucumber, sea urchin and other products in the country. Hubei is the most developed province in freshwater aquaculture, with its freshwater aquaculture crop reaching 4.104 million tons in 2013, up 11.6% from a year earlier, and the crop of procambarus clarkii accounting for more than 50 % of the national total.

There are numerous practitioners in Chinese...
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