Topics: Psychology, Drug addiction, Nervous system Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Marc Farris
Social Psychology
Response Paper #1

For this first response paper the chapter that I have chose from the textbook was Chapter 14 Substance Use and Gambling Disorders. I chose this chapter because addiction and addictive behavior are something that I have been around and exposed to throughout my life. Also, even though I knew some things it’s always good to learn more about anything. The chapter happened to give some examples of how drugs have ruined the lives of celebrities, one of which was Whitney Houston. However, that chapter spoke mostly about the various types of drugs, or things that can trigger an addiction in someone like gambling, and the range of addiction that people have.

The most important thing that I felt I learned from this chapter was that addiction is a disorder, and that some people have addictive personalities. Drugs are just what happens to be the trigger for certain people, for others it happens to be gambling. These are people with addictive personalities and addictive tendencies, and they get themselves involved in addictive things. Doing drugs, drinking alcohol and gambling and three very addicting things already, so when put people who have an addiction in any situation involving these things the consequences will be ten fold for that person as opposed to someone who does not suffer from this disorder.

Another thing that I have learned were the different conditions of disorders involved in the use of substances. Something else about the conditions were the many factors that are involved in each of them, as well as how the same part of the body will react differently to different substances. That is just an astounding fact, and a very interesting one. The best example that I can give about how different substances work differently on the same body part would be a comparison between the use of a hallucinogenic drug such as LSD, and a stimulant drug such as cocaine. When one ingests LSD their perception of...
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