Lafleur Trading Company

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LaFleur Trading Company

LaFleur Trading Company is an international food supplier located in Vancouver, British Columbia. They handle a large amount of different food and wine products and ship to consumers around the world. Their trading partners are listed to be in 38 different countries and they are based in Canada (which makes 39). LaFleur’s website lists the company mission as “We will provide our customers with the highest quality foods at a reasonable price.” (LaFleur, 2009) The list of products includes seafood, cheeses, wines, and fruits. Most of the customers for LTC come through the internet. The only real interaction that the company generally has with clients is through emails and phone calls. The desired reputation of the company is that of a high standard for product quality. The website says that the company “will act fairly and justly in the conduct of our business” and also acknowledges that customers get their perceptions of the company from the interactions with employees. LTC goes on to assure customers that their buyers “only deal with reputable producers and exporters” (LaFleur, 2009). With such an avid focus by consumers on labels, it is critical that LTC uphold their claim to maintain Canadian organic standards for all their organic products and to be able to regularly inspect products from each different country to ensure it all meets the same strict standards. Reasonable prices and high quality are the two promises that the company makes throughout their website. Certainly the ability to keep their promises will be determined solely by the dedication of the employees to do their jobs to the best of their ability. LTC employs individuals that are responsible for customer service, shipping, business to business relations, and quality assurance. Salesmen in the customer department as well as representatives responsible for securing purveyors can be eligible for commission bonuses. Quality assurance team members can be offered...

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