L2 Cert in Principles of Business & Admin Unit 203

Topics: Secrecy, Confidentiality, Management Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: May 11, 2015
outline the benefits of using information technology for work tasks. Large storage capacity, accuracy, speed, efficiency and security. 203.2
explain the purpose of agreeing objectives and deadlines for researching information To ensure relevant information researched, to save time and to prevent errors. provide information in required within agreed time scale.

identify different ways of researching, organising and reporting information Research
• Internet
• Library
• Personal experience 
Organising information according to relevance and priority.
Reporting through a presentation or written report.
describe procedures to be followed for archiving, retrieving and deleting information, including legal requirements, if required Archiving - Information should be archived when it is no longer currently used by the company and using the retention guidelines set out by the company and how it should be archived, clearly marking the dates and contents.  The law states that-

human resource records must be retained by an organisation for six years from the end of employment of the member of staff

health and safety records must be retained permanently

accounts records must be kept for between three and six years, depending on the type of organisation.

Retrieving - Contact the relevant person who maintains the archived material, given the following information-  name of your department
archive box number
archive date
contents of file
reason for access
Deleting - Information can only be deleted after the retention dates, ensure all back up copies are deleted and disposed of in a secure manner such as shredding, maintaining confidentiality set out by the company and under the data protection act 1988. 203.2

explain why confidentiality is critical when managing information. Confidentiality is there to ensure that information is protected. Confidentiality is an ethical and professional duty not to disclose or discuss classified...
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