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Strategic Plan for Future Growth 2010

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Table of Contents
Title Page Executive Summary Company Background
Financial Statements – 2003 to 2009 Future Growth – 2010 to 2015

Company Mission & Vision Values Statements Environmental Scan External environment Remote Factors Industry Factors Operating Environment

Internal Environment
SWOT Analysis Value Chain Analysis

Possible Individual Growth Strategies
Hosting In Store Parties Commercial Web Site Concentrated Growth Catering Strategic Alliance Vertical Integrations

Recommended Alternative: Catering Implementation Plan
Work Breakdown Structure Milestones/Deadlines

Key Success Factors
Cash Budget Cost of Food Staff Wages Forecasted Financials

Risk Management and Contingency Plan, et al. Appendices
Appendix A – Kudler’s Consolidated Income Statement Appendix B – Kudler’s Future Financial Growth Appendix C – Work Breakdown Structure Appendix D – Event Planning Gantt Chart Appendix E – Sample Menu – Inexpensive Appendix F – Labor Breakdown Appendix G – Catering Division Financial Forecast

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Executive Summary
Kudler Fine Foods (aka: Kudler’s) is a popular San Diego area gourmet food store with strong revenues. Past plans for strategic growth included store expansion and online sales, yet since the 2008-2009 economic recession, Kudler Fine Foods has found itself short of financial reserves and having to abandon those plans. Kudler’s main goals have always been to expand the company and increase revenues and profits. Not only is Kudler Fine Foods a popular venue, but a high caliber gourmet store in great demand. In consultation, several alternatives were considered, and based on research, a number of expansion plans are being considered. Customers are requesting a variety of services, but Kudler Fine Foods needs to find a popular expansion to implement with little financial risk. Revenue forecast analysis shows an increase to over $2.4 million by the year 2015 with 41.71% profit margin. Kudler’s would like to increase the overall revenue by 10% or more with increased profit margins and little to no financial risk.

Company Background
Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods in 1998 to fulfill a need for a completely stocked gourmet food store in her La Jolla neighborhood. Kudler Fine Foods specializes in quality organic bakery items, produce, cheese and dairy, meats, and wine. She currently owns three stores in the San Diego area and because of the recent economic recession, has halted plans to open more stores in the near future. To help secure the business, Kathy invested in customer service programs for herself employees and bought new technology to streamline the inventory ordering process. Kathy is looking for a number of plans to experience company growth. She would like to look at a number of alternatives so she knows which avenue will be most successful. Once a plan is chosen, she wants a strategy plan to carry it out.

Financial Statements – 2003 to 2009
Most of Kudler’s operating expenses are based on business growth rate, economic conditions, human resource policies, sales and marketing plan, fixed assets schedules, and business vendor lease agreements. Business growth rates drive interest, bank charges, and bonuses, so operating expenses fluctuate each year.

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4 The consolidated income statement (See Appendix A) shows increased net income as the company grew from $676,795 in year 2003 to $2,435,686 in year 2009. The recession...

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This article is owned by Michelle Pate/Integrative Marketing Agency and may only be distributed with the permission of the author. Copyright 2010.
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This article is owned by Michelle Pate/Integrative Marketing Agency and may only be distributed with the permission of the author. Copyright 2010.
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