Juice Center Buisness Plan

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Juice Center Business Plan
Business is ever changing; change is the only constant in business environment. Comprehensive business plan with clear Mission, objective considering

Executive Summary
‘Sam’s Juice Center’ is unlike a typical Juice Center will provide excellent combination of Organic fruit and vegetable Juices at value pricing with fun and entertaining atmosphere. It is determined to become a dream place to overcome a day to day stress due to its pleasant ambiance and comfortable environment, making its customers to enjoy their each visit. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate one juice center from another. Sam’s Juice center does this by providing the only option for juice from organic fruits and vegetables at low competitive prices. Sam’s Juice Center will be serving wide range of fruit and vegetable Juices to Customer; these will be instantly made in front of Customer after he /she demands for. The Fruits and Vegetables will be stored the transparent refrigerator, visible to Customers; to assure the freshness and quality of consumables used in preparation of Juice. This is the unique concept of providing Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juices to customer at instant to promote health and wellness. Juice Center Business plan is prepared to obtain financing for initial launch of this business. The financing will be required to begin work on kitchen design, manual and recipe books, site selection and equipment purchase and also to cover expenses in the first year of business. Additional financing will be required as a back up planning for unexpected expenses and any type of Business crises. Since it is a local small business with sole proprietorship, in addition to the financing with some capital contribution from the owner, it will allow Sam’s Juice center to successfully open and maintain operation through its first year. Objective:

1. Opening one Juice center per year for the first three Years of Operations 2. Keeping food cost fewer than 40% of revenue.
3. Keeping employee labor cost fewer than 20% of revenue. 4. Attending the revenue of $500,000.00 for first year.

Sam’s juice center will strive to be the most pleasant juice center in the local market place combined with freshness and healthy varities in the of organic fruits and vegetables. Our customers will not only receive fresh juices but they will be provided with organic health choices with a fun atmosphere and pleasant ambiance. Our focus will be serving quality juice at a great value. We will feature large selection of freshly prepared healthy juices reaching up to 100 varities daily that are full of flavor and zest at unbelievable prices. Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction and we want to become a juice of choice for every one. We will combine Health, freshness, variety, atmosphere, ambiance and friendly staff to create a sense of place in order to reach our goal of excellence. Last but not the least; employee welfare will be equally important to our success. All employees will be treated equally with at most respect. Strategic Analysis: The strategic analysis for Sam’s Juice Center is done by SWOT method. Strengths:

1. Demand: Due to the growing awareness about health and fitness, demand for Organic Juice is growing very rapidly. As per Study* 2. Customer base: Customer base is the main element to determine the target market. Due to the main shopping attraction, the number of consumers visiting for shopping is the potential customer base for Sam’s Juice Center. 3. Location: Location factor is the vital element for the strategic positing of an organization in the target market. The Fact that Gurnee Mall is located near Six Flags Great America, which is a major tourist attraction in Northern Chicago Suburbs. This provides key strength for setting up Sam’s Juice Center. Gurnee Mall details* Weakness:

1. Seasonal Business:...

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1Quaid Libby(2006) “Demand of Organic Food Outstrips Supply” by Associated Press Friday, July 7, 2006
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