Jit at Arnold Palmer Hospital

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JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital
Arnold Palmer Hospital’s is one of the most important hospitals in the US where it specializes in treatment of women and children. One of its main goals is manage a reduce costs, for this reason Arnold Palmer hospital uses some crucial just-in-time (JIT) techniques. These techniques help to maintain the control of its inventory with a high efficiency and low cost. The mission of this case will be answering the discussion questions, but focusing in Just-in-time strategies trying to cut costs, variability and waste.

The first question is concerning about open pack errors. What do you recommend if we found a pack open for an operation? In this case the direct solution will be order or get another pack as soon as possible. According to the video, Arnold Palmer Hospital uses a JIT system where the packs are bulky, expensive and must remain sterile, but this scenario showed us that if they make an error, they have one-day to get back the pack and used another spare pack accounted in inventory. This one-day allows the hospital to talk with McKesson (Delivery Company) and recognize and identify the reasons of the error and make the correction action. This question displayed the big advantage of the JIT system inventory for Arnold Palmer Hospital.

The second question asks about improvement technique. How might the procedure for custom surgical packs described here be improved? Arnold Palmer Hospital achieved the area of custom surgical packs thanks to its JIT system. In order to improve this technique, they can reduce the quantity of packs in the buffer to less than one day. Time is crucial in this case scenario because normally the hospital has one to fix this issue. If they try to handle this problem in less than one day, will be a big improvement and an increase in efficiency.

The third question is about JIT services (suppliers, layout, inventory, and scheduling). Let’s give examples of each of these at Arnold Palmer Hospital....
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