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Jamie Oliver - Teach every child about food

Question One
Jamie Oliver has been working with people for several years to try and educate them about healthy eating. He is appealing to the audience in the first instance for their understanding of the present situation and later in his presentation, for their help. Jamie talks about how the third generation of parents not being taught about healthy eating in the home and therefore have not taught their own children. As a direct consequence of this, Jamie states that their children will have a shorter life span than themselves. Jamie is educating the audience about how diet-related disease is a bigger killer then murder. Jamie also points out that this problem we have with food is preventable and people's lives are being wasted. Jamie talks about how in the last thirty years there has been a significant transformation in home life that has changed the way we look at food and how schools have failed to educate children on healthy eating. The labelling of food, according to Jamie, is scandalous and brings the audience's attention the fact that just because a product is low fat does not make it healthy. He is endeavouring to educate this audience about what their children are eating, especially in school, and how highly processed the food is and what effect this has on our children. He makes the point of funding for school meals being in the hands of accountants whose only priority is saving money. Steve, one of the characters who Jamie uses to illustrate his point, is a Pastor who is responsible for burying obese people. He is frustrated at having to bury too many people in his community through obesity. Jamie talks about the Edwards family who he uses to represent the average family in America; all three members of the family are obese. There is a discussion with himself and Stacey, the mother, where he explains to her that she is slowly killing her children. Jamie uses statistics to describe how much obesity is costing Americans every year; ten percent of their healthcare bills which adds up to 150 billion dollars a year. In ten years this is set to double. Jamie finishes off with a statement about his passionate fight against obesity in children. He insists that they can change and when they do the rest of the world will follow. He is very powerful in his final moments on stage and this is very moving to watch. The audience are very aware of the raw emotion when he reads to them. When Jamie finishes his presentation the audience stand up and applaud him showing their support.

Question Two
The title is ‘Teach every Child about Food’. This was filmed in February 2010 in Long Bridge California, broadcast by TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design). Jamie Oliver talks about his powerful anti-obesity project. As this is an educational talk to an audience of 'movers and shakers' about the effects of obesity on the present generation, Jamie is delivering a lecture. Jamie talks about the physical and psychological effect unhealthy eating is having on our children and how it will affect future generations. Jamie describes how his friend Brittany, who is just sixteen years old, has only six years to live. He states, ‘She’s the third generation of Americans that hasn’t grown up within a food environment where they’ve been taught to cook at home or school.’ This is a very emotive way of illustrating the main theme of his lecture - no education about healthy food is responsible for the obesity in our children.

Question Three
Jamie is being filmed by a production called TED which stands for 'Technology, Entertainment and Design', these are also some of the subjects that the production chooses to broadcast online in addition to other subjects such as; business, science and global issues. Taking into account the kind of talks TED broadcasts it is clear the type of audience that would be drawn to...
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