International Sourcing

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1. Introduction

1. Definition of international sourcing

2. Concept of International sourcing

3. Aims of International sourcing

2. Barriers of international sourcing

1. Costs of international supply chain

2. Different Language

3. Long lead time

3. Strategy of international sourcing


4. Advantage of International sourcing


5. Disadvantage of Domestic sourcing


6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

1. Definition of International Sourcing

International sourcing is defined as a firm purchase the process products, components, space parts or sub-assemblies from a firm located in foreign country.

2. Concept of International Sourcing

International sourcing also conceptualized as a complex, dynamic system in which disruptions interact with long shipping and lead tines to generate costs(David L.Levy,1995).

3. Aims of International Sourcing

The international sourcing aims is to exploit efficiencies in the delivery of a product or service. These efficiencies include low cost skilled labor, low cost raw material and other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs .

2. Barriers of international sourcing

1. Cost in international supply chain

As a successful and globalization firm, international sourcing is their import weapon to get them successful. The firm management team must consider the venturing cost in international sourcing. It include cost of establish an international supply chain management to deal and cope the challenges and difficulties.

To have an effective international supply chain need to establish a coordinate flows of materials and finish goods, technical and...
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