Impact of Modern Technology in Education

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The paper deals with the significance of Modern Technologies in development of open Learning System using Distance Education Concept. Education in considered as foundation stone for development of mankind. This is meant to equalize opportunities for everyone including poor, disadvantaged and women living in every corner of world in general and developing nations in particular. The people living in rural and remote areas must have the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of modern education. Modern Technologies play vital role in propagation of education from existing resources to each and every part of the world crossing all the geographical boundaries and social barriers. Presently, satellite communication, optical communication and computer communication have wonderfully enhanced the educational capabilities. Telecommunications are effective media for transmission of informations and as such quite instrumental for development process using Communication Technology. As a result, distance barrier in educational development is eliminated. Thus, educational programmes can be readily and easily accessed through latest technologies by all concerned without any discrimation. Distance Education has proved to be significant milestone in Human Resource Development in present era. In new millennium, challenges posed by fast changing higher education system have got to be successfully faced or coped which would be ultimate yardstick for success at micro as well as macro levels. It has been observed that industrial era has been transformed into information era. And it is important to help learners to navigate through the sea of information.

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All changes occurring on account of technological applications have motivated shift of focus in following manner: Teaching Institutional based learning/teaching to far end learning Fixed to personalized curricula Front ended education to life long learning

Convergence between IT and Communication Technologies has resulted in remarkable increase in capacity to transfer Data, Voice and Vision at faster pace. The following techniques have proved to be very much beneficial for the purpose of open Distance Learning: Digitization and compression techniques for integration of TV, Telecommunication and Computers ISDN/Optic Fibers/Cellular radios lead to reduced cost and increased flexibility Miniaturisation Portability Enhanced processing power using latest technologies Powerful, user friendly commands and s/w tools


With the introduction of appropriate technology far reaching effects on way of learning would be visible. Thus learner will be at liberty to opt what, where and when to learn from which source and thus facilitate Open Distance Learning to both priviledged/impriviledged people. The paper also highlights the following aspects of Open Distance Learning System: i) ii) In-service Teacher Education Through Distance Mode of Learning Systematization and Co-ordination in Distance Education.





In order to develop a more effective learning environment and provide access to different categories of Learners, improved educational strategies using modern technologies have proved to be of much significance. In the framework of Distance Education, Technology facilitates target learning goals through dialogue between the teacher and learner. Such dialogues are desired to be of Discursive, Adaptive, Interactive and...
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