Im Writing Igcse Coarse Work N I Have Chosen to Write About a Group of Tourists Who Visit a Gungle and Are Kil

Topics: Rat, University of Cambridge, Black Death Pages: 7 (1960 words) Published: February 10, 2013
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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education

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FIRST LANGUAGE ENGLISH Paper 2 Reading Passages (Extended) Additional Materials: *3559230415*

October/November 2010 2 hours

Answer Booklet/Paper

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST If you have been given an Answer Booklet, follow the instructions on the front cover of the Booklet. Write your Centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in. Write in dark blue or black pen. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. Answer all questions. Dictionaries are not permitted. At the end of the examination, fasten all your work securely together. The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question.

This document consists of 5 printed pages and 3 blank pages. DC (CB (SD)) 24571/2 © UCLES 2010

[Turn over

2 Part 1 Read Passage A carefully, and then answer Questions 1 and 2.

Passage A The Duvall family were relatively new to the village of Malsam. They had feared a long period of suspicion, but even gimlet-eyed old women, who normally took months to unbend and acknowledge newcomers, warmed to the blond-haired children and their gentle parents. The weather in these parts was less hospitable. The wind never settled and, as the Duvalls gathered by the fire each night, their little home wheezed and moaned like an out of tune accordion. Even though the floors were spotless, and Katya, the mother, insisted on cleanliness in this new home of theirs, draughts still made skittering noises. The children, Gabriel and Luca, did schoolwork upstairs, but more often played noisily with good friends they had made. Henri, their father, was becoming well-known for his finely crafted furniture, and life was good here. One night, when the grumbling of their home was low, Henri and Katya were about to settle to sleep, when they both heard unfamiliar sounds; tiny scratchings and patterings started and stopped. ‘It’s probably a couple of little field mice looking for a warm place for the winter,’ Henri said, and Katya smiled as she fondly remembered the pictures of the family of mice in the story book she used to read to the children when they were very young. Lifting the flour sack next morning, Henri was surprised to see a trail like a white path across the dark flagstones of the kitchen. Looking closely, he spotted a gnawed hole, the size of a small coin, in the bottom of the sack. Katya made her own discoveries: chewed biscuit boxes, or sometimes the biscuits themselves, looked ragged around the edges and she threw them away in disgust. Even their store of candles had tiny teeth marks that ran up and down each one, looking for all the world as if a small creature had been eating a cob of maize but had fallen asleep during its meal. That night in bed they couldn’t sleep. Their ears strained to hear any movement and, as soon as the oil lamp was dimmed, the room became alive with chattering, scuttling and squeaking. The couple lay on their raft of safety as the sea of movement and noise swelled around them. The squeaking became shrill and angry. There were interminable gnawing sounds that to the couple seemed as loud as men sawing through hard wood. Objects, buttons or spools of thread rolled around them, threatening to drown the couple’s sanity, until Henri could stand it no longer and his hand reached for the matches on the bedside table. As he did so, a warm body squirmed over his hand, and he felt the scratch of claws and the trail of a bald tail. He stifled a groan of disgust, but when the oil lamp illuminated the bedroom, both he and his wife cried out as a swell of writhing, glistening, grey rodents with long, dirty, gristly tails took less than a minute to retreat under the floor boards, behind the skirting and into the thatch. The light stayed on until the sanctuary of morning. During that...
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