Ict Developments in Supply Chain Management Within the Fashion Industry

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Information and Communication Technologies Project
ICT developments in Supply Chain Management within the Fashion Industry

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Table of Contents:
3History of the Industry
4Outline of Supply Chain Management
6Supply chain management and Zara

7Product Development and Marketing
8Manufacturing and Purchasing
9Logistics and Distribution
12Store Operations and Post Sales
13Negative sides of RFID in apparel supply chain
14Consumer Privacy
14Shop floor issues

Supply chain management is described as the active management of supply chain activities to maximise customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Incorporating product development through to store operations and everything in-between, the supply chain and it’s information systems have become increasingly important in fashion retail as “fast fashion” become the dominant business model. Starting with a brief introduction of the fashion industry the goal of this paper is to outline the role of ICT in supply chain management within the fashion industry exemplified by the retail brand Zara and the growth of “fast fashion”. Examining the transferral of information both up and down-stream we will observe the implemented and potential use of ICT in supply chain from product research and development through to marketing and sales. With particular attention on logistics and distribution and the continued increasing speed of production we will examine what exists and the potential for improvements paying particular to the growth of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and its impact on the retail and clothing industry.

History of the Industry
In the mid-19th century the first major change in the production of clothing took place as technology facilitated the movement away from home made fashion. Often referred to as the 'father of fashion', Charles Worth was a successful, independent designer known best for his great contributions to dressmaking in the fashion world. Early dressmakers like Worth saw big opportunities in the design and production of fashion on a much larger scale which was greatly enhanced with technological innovations like the sewing machine, global capitalism and the first appearances of department stores. The change in production during the 19th century saw clothing being mass produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices and from its humble beginnings as a domestic necessity, fashion expanded into a major enterprise. The fashion industry is now truly global with clothes often designed in one country, manufactured in another, and sold worldwide. This international nature of the industry has produced four distinct levels with cost and time efficiencies appearing through the timely management of the stages worldwide. The first level is the production of the raw materials needed to make the clothes, principally textiles, leather and furs. Then these raw materials are made into clothing by designers, manufactures and contractors. After, the clothes are then distributed and sold to retailers who, in the final stage, use various forms of advertising and promotion to market the fashions. These levels consist of many separate but interdependent sectors, all of which aim to profit from the consumer demand for apparel.

Outline of Supply Chain Management
Supply chain activities can be broken down into two key interrelated systems; Physical flow and Information flow. Starting with the raw materials and ending with a customer purchase the continual flow of physical product at...

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