Huntington's Disease

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Huntington’s Disease

Millions of Americans have it, a number of people don’t even know it exists, and it hits most people like a mid life crisis. Can you guess what it is? Its Huntington’s disease. This disease attacks and weakens both your nervous and immune system. Because the nervous system is attacked it causes an involuntary shaking. Many also die as an effect of the weakened immune system. For this reason the people who have Huntington’s disease often feel like a heavy burden put on their family. This guilt also causes a downfall into depression. For all these reasons Huntington’s disease is considered one of the worst genetic diseases.

Such an informal name for a disease, where could it have derived from? A doctor by the name of George Huntington’s observation of the disease assisted in his forming of the name. He described it as “hereditary chorea” (Huntington 1872). Chorea originated from the Greek word “choreia” which means dancing. His characterization of Huntington’s came from the unbalanced gait that all sufferers of the disease have. This gives them the appearance of a dancing while walking (prime health club 2010). Thus the name of “Hereditary Chorea” ( Huntington 1872).

The telltale signs of this tragic disease come in a long enumerated list. Mild, involuntary movements, clumsy behavior (often involving dropping objects from hand), stumbling during walking, lack of warmth and care, forgetting things (for example names, recent events and activities) , depression, lethargic, and constant mood swings (prime health club 2010), hallucinations, irritability, fidgety, paranoia, and psychosis (US National Library of Medicine 2011) Later symptoms would include slurred speech. When their neurons are you affected, its functioning power deceases, so the brain and mouth naturally quit working. Eating also becomes a difficult task. The mouth and the diaphragm have problems in correctly working and because of this eating becomes a treacherous task....
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